To the surprise of no one I think we’re closing down the blog.The fun of running it is not here anymore, so we’ll go with the signs and call it quits. If anyone runs a similar blog that is open for business, let us know and we’ll link you here so people can still fulfill their exposing needs.

So long friends, it’s been interesting.


"There’s a worm in my apple."

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Thanks for the disturbing submission, !

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"We’re gonna need a bigger vagina."

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"A dreamer dreams the turtle’s voyage, serenity yonder, my sweet"

Artwork by Bobbi Morningglory (dicksaspeople)

Penis by Charles Horse (dicksaspeople)

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A PhDick happily graduated.

This is adorable !!

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Private investigator.

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A real gentleman with top hat and monocle.

Thanks !

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